Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Term 3 Art Project - Scruffito

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For art this term, we are learning all about painting. We are also experimenting with a technique called Scruffito, where you colour in a piece of paper with crayons or pastels, paint over it with black paint, and then scratch patterns into it. We also added painted animals, since animal heroes are our topic this term. Here are the finished results of Room 10's first try at scruffito!


  1. I think you have all worked really hard to produce fabulous painted animals on really bright backgrounds. What I really like is how they are all so different. Did you like covering all that hard work with the black paint?

  2. That looked like lots of fun to make Room 10 and now you will have some more fabulous art to hang on your walls (or ceiling maybe?)
    Mrs Burt