Monday, September 14, 2009

Kid Pix Diagrams

Because we are learning all about animals and report writing, we drew our animal and labelled it's features in Kid Pix. Here are some of our finished diagrams!


  1. Excellent Diagrams R10, I really enjoyed them. Well done.

  2. Hi Room 10

    I really enjoyed looking at your lovely work. You added lots of detail to your diagrams.My favourite animal is the elephant. What is your favourite animal. Look forward to seeing more of your terrific work.Well done

  3. Hi Room 10,
    We really liked your work.
    James said he liked the pictures of the lion. How long did it take you to draw them?

    From Room 10@ Pt England School

  4. Dear Room 10,
    Your diagrams are awesome! I love all the animals.

  5. I love the badger - particularly his snout!

  6. Hi Room 10
    I like your picture of a lion.
    Can you draw any other animals ? from jeryco

  7. Hi room 10,
    I really like Amy's otter. I think that it looks like a real otter. From Stella

  8. Hi Room 10,

    I really enjoyed looking at all your animal pictures.I really enjoyed looking Amy's otter. I thought it looked really awesome. You are all such great artists.

    Keep up he great work Room 10!

    Latu Room 17
    Pt England School

  9. Hi Room 10
    I like the details in your pictures. Keep it up from James