Friday, February 19, 2010

Recount Writing: Going to the Swimming Pool

In Room 8, we have been learning to write recounts that have an orientation, a sequence of events and then finish with a personal comment. We visited the pool on Wednesday this week and since then have been working hard on a recount of our time in the school pool. Here is Isobel's fantastic recount for you to enjoy. To check out the rest, you'll have to visit Room 8!

This morning Room 8 went to the pool to practice for swimming sports.

First we walked to the swimming pool. I felt happy because I like swimming. We got changed in the changing rooms.

Next we lined up in three lines at the deep end of the pool. I was excited because I had not done this for a long time.

Soon it was my turn to get in and swim. I did well but the second time I got in and scratched my arm. It stung in the water but I was ok. I used a flutter board to swim the whole pool.

Soon after we got out of the pool, got dressed and walked back to class. I felt happy because I like our school pool.

By Isobel.


  1. Hi Isobel
    I'm so proud of you swimming the whole length of the pool. I like your writing and I'm glad you feel good about swimming, because its really cool to swim!

  2. Isobel,

    I likes your recount about the school pool. It is a special place. I really liked how you used past tense words and your personal statement at the ned of your story really showed me how you felt about the school pool.

    Well done !


  3. why did you have to use a flutterboard?

  4. I love lunch time swimming and it makes a lot of kids happy at our school as well. it's great that you are doing new things, like starting at the deep end of the pool, it's way cool in the deep end. Am sure your teacher will be doing loads of fun things this year with you and your class. Great work!


  5. We all wish that we could have a school pool too - you are very lucky! You were very brave to keep swimming after you got hurt. That's persistence!