Friday, May 22, 2009

Reading Group D Retells "Hot Stuff" by Margaret Clark

When Harry got home from school he saw a big van in his drive way.  It was called Hot Stuff and it was for selling doughnuts.

One day Dad took Hot Stuff for a drive and backed into a pole.  It made a big dent but the van still worked so that was good.

They decided to take the van to the beach, but when they got to the beach Hot Stuff blew up!

Doughnuts flew everywhere around the beach, landing on everyone and all over the ground.

Dad made a deal with a business man who liked the doughnuts so that they could get new vans and sell the doughnuts all over the place!

However, one day, Harry came home and found a new van in his driveway.  It was a noodle van...


  1. Hi there you fabulous retellers and illustrators. What a great job retelling Hot Stuff. I would like to read that book myself. I also thought the illustrations related to the text which is what good illustrators do!!Keep up the great work

  2. Hi Group D, I loved the way you retold this story. What a great idea to make your own book inside a blog post. You made it so interesting.
    Well done
    Mrs Burt

  3. Cool Group D! I think Stella's truck is awesome. The doughnuts look yummy in the pictures. Mmmm! From Xavier

  4. Hello Group D, is hot stuff hot? I like doughnuts! Do you like doughnuts? I feel sorry for hot stuff because he got blown up. I also like your pictures. From Amy

  5. Hi guys, I think you did a great job on your pictures that you designed. They really match the story. From Phoenix in Room 10.

  6. What a surprise when Harry came home! Do you think that Dad is going to buy a big pot of noodles and then that will explode? From Anisah in Room 10.

  7. Hi Group D, I was wondering, would Harry get any doughnuts? That would be kind of cool. I would definitely ask my Dad for a doughnut truck. From Sasha. P.S: I like your pictures.

  8. I like your pictures, especially the colourful trucks. It would be funny if the garage blew up too. From Jaime in Room 10.

  9. Hi guys
    the pictures you drew are great. I like how you guys used drawings and writing to tell the story.