Friday, May 1, 2009

Recount Writing: Our Kelly Tarlton's Adventure!

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On Thursday we went to Kelly Tarlton's with the Kauri Team.  First we hopped on the bus.  To pass the time, I played "eye spy" with Amy.  Finally we got there.  Then we had our morning tea in the car park.  I had banana cake, a sandwich and raisins.  A few minutes later we were following the penguin feet and going into Kelly Tarlton's.
One of my favourite parts was the Interactive Room.  I dressed up as a penguin in a penguin suit and Lisa (Amy's mum) took a photo of me and Amy in our penguin suits.  Then we had a race!
After that, we went into the shark tank.  There were fish, stingrays, sharks, eels, big and small fish.  Fish and stingrays were gliding across the tank like clouds floating across the sky.  I saw a fish as spotty as a cheetah.  
Soon it was time to go back to school and have lunch.  It was a really fun day.
By Celia.

On Thursday, Rooms 10, 11, 9 and 8 went to Kelly Tarlton's.  We went by bus.  When we got there, we had morning tea outside Kelly Tarlton's and then we went to the Education Room and watched a movie about Antarctica.  We learnt that Antarctica is very dry so you have to wear lots of moisturizer, and that it is the coldest place in the whole world.  Also, if you don't wear goggles there, you could get snow blindness.  
Then we went to the snow cat ride.  On the ride we saw penguins and a big fake whale came out of the water with a seal in it's big mouth.  We also saw still flags and fake people.  It was very cool and fun. 
After that we went to the Stingray Bay.  I saw a turtle swimming and under the turtle was a big stingray.  Soon we had to leave Kelly Tarlton's and go back to school.  It was a good day.
By Phoenix.

On Thursday was the Kauri Team's trip to Kelly Tarltons.  I was in Jordan's group.  I was next to Jordan and we chatted lots and lots.  When we got to Kelly Tarlton's, we had morning tea.  I had tiny teddies and tangles.  It was cold eating outside.
One place we went to inside Kelly Tarlton's was the stingray tank.  We saw the stingrays getting fed.  There were heaps of fish.  I saw a turtle too.  
Next we went to the sharks.  I saw two tiger sharks.  There were two divers with the sharks.  I also saw a turtle.  It looked like it was fake.
I felt happy at Kelly Tarlton's.  I had a fun day.
By Max


  1. Hello room 10,

    How are you today.I like our blog and hope you visit it.

    by jennifer

  2. Bonjour Room 10

    I really liked reading about your trip to Kelly Tarlton's because it seemed like I was there.

    From William in Room 16 Grey lynn

  3. HI room 10 AND Mrs HAMiLToN. iTS fun LEarNiG About ANTARTICA. SEE YoU tomorrow.

  4. Hi Room 10, I enjoyed reading about your trip. I looked hard at the photos to find the photo that Celia talked about of her and Amy in the penguin suits but I couldn't see it. It sounds like fun though.It seems like the sting rays were popular with everyone who went.
    Mrs Burt

  5. Hi Celia, I really liked the way you've put your favourite part. The penguin feet were very cute. See you at school from Maia.

    p.s Samantha is my babysitter :)

  6. Hi room 10,
    Your recounts about going to Kelly Tarlton's are cool because you said your favourite parts.
    Reading your recounts was interesting and the bubble share is super.
    From Loimata -(rm.16)

  7. Hi Max.
    It must have been cool start of the term.At Kelly Tarlton's it must of been fun watching the stingrays getting feed.You seemed to see a fuw turtuls to.

    from julius & gus.

  8. hi room 10
    the trip soundes really fun!!!!
    the snow cat sounded fun
    i wishni was there

    from Ed celias brother

  9. Hi Room 10
    Nice photos of our trip.
    My favourite part of the trip was seeing the penguins.
    It was really cool going to Kelly Tarltons.
    I thought it was very interesting learning about Antarctica.
    Caitlin Ward

  10. Hi room10 its Stella here.I really like Maxs and yours and Max have lots of detail same as you Ceila!from Stella

  11. Hi room 10
    your trip sounded really fun I wish I was there.Robbie kept telling me all about it !!!!
    From Lucy-Robbies Sister

  12. Fantastic recounts! It sounds like Kelly Tarltons was fun.
    From Tosh and Molly

  13. Hi group D

    I loved your speech about ice cream.A few people I didn't really hear,but you all did a
    really great job.

    From jennifer.

  14. I have read your blog and enjoyed it very much

    as I enjoyed the morning we spent at Kelly Tarltons.

    I hope you are well and being good for your teacher.
    Love from Val - Robbies Nan xx