Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Persuasive Writing: Dogs are better than cats

This term in Room 10, we are focusing on writing to persuade our audience.  Today, we looked at ways of convincing our audience to agree with our statement, whether we believed the statement or not.  Our statement was: dogs are better than cats!  Here are some persuasive arguments we came up with:

Dogs are better than cats because you can take them for a walk.  They also do what you say.  For example, when I say to a dog, "sit," it sits.  As well as that, dogs don't vomit as much as cats.  Another reason is that dogs can play fetch with you and cats can't.  Dogs don't scratch chairs and furniture either.  You also don't have to feed dogs as much as cats.  I have to feed my cats every morning and night but you can just feed dogs once a day.  Finally, dogs can swim with you and cats don't know how to.
By Amy.

Dogs are better than cats because they do what you say.  For example, when I said, "sit" to Maia, she sad.  They also sleep in your towel.  At a party I was at, the puppy slept in my towel.  Another reason is that they are sometimes nice and calm like when Maia lay down.  As well as that, they can scare away the burglars.  Also, cats don't lick or kiss you but dogs do.  Dogs can also save lives.  I like dogs because they are cuter than cats.
By Maia.

Dogs are better than cats because they will fetch a ball if you show them how, but cats won't.  Cats mostly scratch you more than dogs do, and dogs play with you but cats don't as much because they just lie there.  Dogs do what you say like when you tell them to sit, but cats don't do that.  They don't listen to you.  Dogs do lots of funny stuff too but cats don't really.
By Cameron.

Dogs are better than cats because cats scratch your furniture and sometimes bite your hands.  Dogs can play with you and play fetch and cat's cant.  Cats are still cute but dogs are cuter than cats.  Cats are fluffy, but dogs are much fluffier.  Dogs do what you say like rolling over and sitting, but cats do what they want to.  Dogs are also faster than cats and taller too.  Cats are much smaller and so they can't play with you as well.
By Olivia.

Have a look at the great kid pix pictures of dogs and cats drawn by Jeru, Phoenix, Max and Stella.  Aren't they great artists?


  1. Well Room 10, you have persuaded me! It seems like dogs are way better than cats from reading your writing. Or did Mrs Hamilton only publish the ones in favour of dogs? hmmmmm..... I REALLY like your Kid Pix graphics too. Well done.
    Mrs Burt

  2. Hello this is Mitchell,Austin and Denzel
    We agree with the work that you have been doing - yes dogs are better than cats.
    We all think that you have done a great job, keep it up.

    from the boys in room 16

  3. Hey Room 10,
    This is around the 5th or 4th time I've visited your blog sight and it just keeps getting cooler.
    I like how you said the reason why you liked dogs better than cats. I also think dogs are cooler than cats!
    Keep it up!!!

    LOIMATA -(rm.16!)

  4. Hello Room 10. I am a big fan now...especially since you have persuaded me that dogs are better than cats.(although I didn't need much persuading.) I am a dog person. Well, a virtual dog person. I am an allergic person so I have to have virtual pets. What do you think of that?

    Keep writing and illustrating. Great pictures!

    Mrs Fale

  5. Ginnie (Max's Mum)May 4, 2009 at 6:14 PM

    Hi room 10 - what lovely writing how dogs are better than cats. Cats kill native birds and wander through everyone's gardens - dogs are much better. But lizards like Chutney are best of all!