Monday, April 27, 2009

Recount writing: Our holidays

In the holidays my family went to Taupo.  It was a long drive to Taupo.  When we got there we had to get our stuff out of the car.  After that we got into our togs and went to the lake.  It was freezing cold.  We went for a swim and then went back to the house to have lunch.  For lunch I had a bacon sandwich.  While I was eating it, I made my bionical lego toy.  
The next morning my sister and I were getting ready to go to the pools, but first my dad had to see if they were open and they were!  Then we did go to the pools.  All of the pools were heated!  
The next day we got ready to head home.  It took 4 hours to get there.  Once we got home I had to unpack.  I had so much fun on holiday! 
By Robbie.

In the holidays my family and I went to my grandparent's beach house.  We played on the beach and had a sand ball fight.  Dad was on my team and Julius was by himself.  Me and my dad won the sand fight.
The next day it was Easter! I was soooo excited.  I raced to my dad's room and asked for the first clue for our hunt and we started to look.  The first clue was "Harry Potter lives here." When we found the eggs we went upstairs. "We've found them," we said. Finally we got to the last one and the clue was, "it is red and you work with them ever day." It was a hard clue, but at last I found the answer.  It was the violins!  The hunt was finally finished and I had lots of fun. I'll never forget that Easter.
By Sasha.


  1. Hi Sasha and Robbie, I was surprised to see your holiday recounts on the blog so quickly! You must have worked very hard at school today to get them finished and published. Wasn't it great to have such fine and warm weather these holidays so we could get to the beach and go swimming. Keep up the writing
    Mrs Burt

  2. Hello room 10. I saw Robbie and Sasha's recounts. They both had lots of detail. I enjoyed reading their recounts.

    From Amy

  3. sup room 10

    I hope you all had a good holiday.
    You all have come so far since term 1.

    from Luke in Room 15(Amy's brother)

  4. Hey Robbie it sounds you had a great holiday and what a great recount.

    Georgia and Sofia Room 8

  5. Hi Robbie and Sasha,
    Thank you for sharing your holiday recounts with us. I'm glad you both enjoyed your holidays. Are you glad to be back at school?

  6. Sasha's Dad - or Peter to his friendsApril 28, 2009 at 7:42 PM

    Hi Room 10 - It is I the secret Sasha's Dad reading your blog. Very impressive stories of your holidays. I think that Sasha had far too many Easter eggs and she hardly gave me any at all!!! She loved the egg hunt though and managed to work out all my sneaky little clues with Julius (room 16). He too was most reluctant to share his chocolate with his father - which was unfair as I took ages working out all those clues. Love the web log all the best Room 10.

  7. Hi Room 10 its Room 16

    We read some of your recounts about the holidays and thought they were really descriptive, (we liked the part about the sand ball fight that Sasha wrote about).

    The little poems about your family members because its respectful to the people in your family.

    From the guys in Room 16

  8. Hi Sasha and Robbie
    I read each of your recounts and they were both really great. It's good that you just wrote the importanant parts and did'nt write every little detail.I enjoyed reading your recount.
    You both must have had good holidays
    From Loimata-(Rm16)

  9. Hi Robbie and Sasha, Room 13 at Tawa School liked reading your recounts. They had some good descriptions and sounded like you had fun. Great work.

  10. Hi Room 10, we are a class from Hauroko Valley primary school in Southland.
    We are learning all about recounts and we really enjoyed reading your recounts about your holidays.
    Thank- you they helped us lots from Room 1 (year 2-3)