Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Group D: Thinking Critically When Reading

This week, Reading Group D read a chapter book called Maddy in the Middle.  They are focusing both on retelling a story and thinking critically when they read a story.  This week, their task was to come up with a way to explain what might have happened after the book had finished.  Watch what they came up with!


  1. This was a great way to record your critical thinking! We might try something like that too!
    Have a look at our Blog too!

  2. Hi Group D, your play was interesting and retold really well. Briar was great at pretending to be a cat, she acted just like a cat. Why did Silky not go to anyone but Maia? From Celia and Anisah.

  3. You are clever group D! Did you come up with your idea as a group together? You must be a very co-operative group. Did you also video it yourselves?

  4. I love your play Group D! Now I wish I had read the book to see what lead up to this ending. You have some VERY good actors in your group!
    Mrs Burt

  5. Hi Group D. How funny . I don't know why Maia gave the cat pills either . Also how could Robbie dig a hole with no spade ? Max