Monday, June 8, 2009

Letter Writing: Do I need to wear warm clothes in Antarctica?

Room 10 are busy extending their skills of persuasion, this time through letter writing.  They were told to write a letter persuading someone that they needed to wear warm clothes if they went to Antarctica.  Here are some amazing letters for you to read!  I'm sure you'll be persuaded too...

Dear Mum,
You should wear warm clothes to Antarctica!  Here are the reasons why:  Firstly, your hands will freeze without gloves and you will get frostbite.  Secondly, Antarctica is the coldest place in the world so you need to stay warm.  Thirdly, if you don't wear any goggles in Antarctica, you might go blind from snow
 blindness.  The thing you need to be most careful of, though, is BLIZZARDS!  The blizzards are strong, they're like the wind blowing a building over.  I hope you will wear warm clothes to Antarctica now you know why you should! 
From Jennifer.  

Dear Dad,
You HAVE to wear warm clothes in Antarctica because if you don't you might freeze!  Another reason is you might die.  Oh how would that feel?  You also need to wear goggles in case you go blind without them!   I'm telling you that you should wear warm clothes because if you don't your skin might crack from the dry weather.  Oh no!  Another reason is that it's windy and you might be blown into icy water and without warm clothes you would die!  
From Robbie.

Dear Jane,
You absolutely positively need to wear warm clothes to Antarctica!  This is because in Antarctica there are blizzards and you might die because of the temperature if you aren't warm enough.  I think this is a very good reason to wear as many clothes as you can!
From Anisah.

Dear Mum,
You definitely need to wear warm clothes if you visit Antarctica.  If you go there and you don't have warm clothes you would get cold and die.  Firstly, wear goggles to keep your eyes covered so you don't go blind.  Secondly, wear gloves, boots and a hat so that you are warm all over.  This is also so that everything is covered and you won't have any skin that can be touched by the dry weather and crack open!  Finally, make sure you are warm all over by wearing lots and lots of clothes.  Then you will have a fun time in Antarctica.
From Salote.


  1. Hi room 10
    you write some really good reasons why we should wear a heap of clothes in Antarctica. Goo writing and keep it up.


  2. HI Salote you really did persuade me.You wrote a really good letter.From Stella

  3. Hey room ten!!! Thank you for everything!!! This helped me on my assignment a lot and thanks to your great information it also helped me pass my assignment. Great work all of you and thank you again :)

  4. Great... What year is this class? Year 12? Really good! I want to read more more more!
    Love from Anonymous.x