Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Descriptive Writing: Rain

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Today we went out to Siberia to see what we could hear, taste, smell, feel and see. I saw nature blowing. I saw nineteen houses. One had a little chair outside. I also saw a broken branch. I heard cicadas tweeting. Some children were screaming. I could feel soggy grass under my feet. I liked the rain.
By Max.

This morning Room 10 went outside. I shut my eyes and heard rain like a shower splashing down on us. When I opened my eyes, I could see green grass that was the same colour as green paint. I smelled grass like wet bark. The rain tasted like when I drink water out of a cup, and I touched wet bark that felt like wood that had been struck by lightning. I felt happy because we didn't have to do any work.
By Sasha.

Today we went outside in Siberia. I heard cars splashing in puddles. They sounded like me bombing in the school pool. I could see lots of trees. They were brown like chocolate. I tasted rain on my tongue like water from a tap. I felt happy to be outside.
By Jeru.

This morning Room 10 went to stand on the grass outside our class. I heard trees rustling like they were talking and they did it softly. I saw green and brown nature. I tasted air which tasted fresh. I touched the grass which felt soft and damp like half dried togs. I felt really wonderful because I like fresh air and I love nature.
By Maia.


  1. What great descriptive language room ten. If someone would like to go to a school in Siberia then you can, because we have one thats linked through our class blog and they have lots of students in the snow (apparently it was -45c there this year too!) the class is linked, as yours is through our sidebar on our blog at http://melvilleroom8.blogspot.com/
    Room 8 Melville Intermediate, Hamilton.

  2. Hi Max, Sasha, Jeru and Maia
    What wonderful descriptions you have written. I could imagine the rain and what it would look and feel like as I read your stories. Where did Siberia come from? Surely you haven't been on a class trip already?
    Mrs Burt

  3. It is so hot today our garden needs rain.
    From Max

  4. I am really enjoying looking at your graphic art Room 10. Did you draw these pictures on Kid Pix? Well done to the artists amongst you.
    Mrs Burt

  5. Hi room 10 I like your blog I hope I visit you again
    from sasha.

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    our blog is fan . I realy liked Robbie and Celias comment and please don,t goaway becausei am comming again.

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    Are you having a great or good time and are you Mrs hamilton having a good or great time aswell.
    So please please don,t go away!

    from jennifer.

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