Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our thoughts on working together

This is our voicethread.  To hear our comments about working together, click on our faces.  To leave your own comment about our artwork or about cooperating, click on the comment icon above and choose between leaving a written comment and recording your own audio comment.
We hope you enjoy our first voicethread!


  1. Cecila and Robbie, what a great voice thread. It sure must have been difficult sharing the paint. I really liked the fact that we could see the picture too as that help get an idea of how wonderful that it looked. Looking forward to see more.
    Mr Webb and Room Eight, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton.

  2. this is great stuff, I like the way you have decorated your bag bay.

  3. Hi Room 10,
    Matt, Max, Cameron and I painted Bolt together.
    We each had different parts to paint (mine was the ears). When we finished our bit we got to help the others in our group so we were all busy all of the time. All of the paintings are great.Room 10 rocks!
    From Anton

  4. hi romm 10 I like our blog because it has good stories from Robbie