Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Discussing Writing and Commenting

Today Room 10 read the comments some awesome people had left on our previous posts, and we discussed commenting. We decided that we want to make our comments sound as professional as we can, by using full stops and capital letters, and making sure we check our spelling before we press publish!

We used some of the comments on our blog to come up with ideas about what we could write, and how we should write it. We then sat down and wrote some replies to our commenters. Here are some of them:

Dear visitors,
Thank you for the lovely comments on our blog. Please keep on doing it because I like seeing the comments from different countries.
From Anisah.

To our visitors,
Thank you people for commenting on our blog. It's really nice to see people commenting on our experiences. It is also lovely hearing about other people in the world when we read the comments. I hope you come to our blog again soon to see what we are doing.
From Celia.

Dear commenters,
Thank you for visiting us. I'm glad you did. I hope you are having a good time.
From Cameron.

Dear visitors,
Thank you for visiting our blog. I love listening to your comments when our teacher reads them to us. Come and visit us again, and bring your friends to visit!
From Sasha.

Thank you to all the people who have visited our blog, we really appreciate your time and thoughts!


  1. Dear Room 10

    Thank you for giving us feedback about our comments. It makes it feel like you are reading what we say when you reply to our comments.
    Aisah, Celia, Cameron and Sasha are very good writers.
    Mrs Burt

  2. Dear Room 10,

    I am very impressed with your grammar and punctuation! Also, it is really nice to hear back regarding our comments.

    Stella's grandparents, aunty, uncle and cousins in Queensland, Australia, have been following your blog but haven't quite worked out how to reply yet. We will give them instructions so you can have some more international comments.

    From Inga (Stella's mum)