Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Myths and Legends: Poems about the Trojan War

For reading, Group D has been learning all about the Trojan War. They have written some poems to explain what happened. See if you can tell what kinds of poems they are!

Long, long ago there was a war

and you’ll never believe what people saw.

A thousand ships were sent,

hundreds of peoples souls were lent.

The Greeks built a wooden horse,

the Trojans took it in of course.

Greek soldiers came out of the horse at night,

all around there was fire and fright.

The Greeks won and they left the place

and the Trojans left, without a trace.

By Maia.


blood thirsty, scary

fighting, killing, trying

it was really horrible


By Stella

Wooden horse

Open war


Disaster caused by the gods

Ended with many deaths

Not fair

Horse was a trick

Of the Greeks to get inside Troy

Really strong armies

Ships sailed from Greece

Enough ships to conquer Troy

By Jordan


Swords, shields

fighting, chopping, battling

Many people died there

City of flame

By Briar


  1. Hi Room 10
    I think your poems about Troy are excellent. Congratulations!
    I particularly like the way Maia organised rhythm & rhyme in her poem. Well done.

  2. Hi Room 10

    We really enjoyed reading your poetry, we have been writing poetry too. We are writing poetry about New Zealand. It was great to see that you have used describing words, we are trying to do that too.
    Keep up the wonderful work Room 10, we will come back and visit your blog soon to look at your fantastic work

    Love from Room 14