Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Term 4 Learning Goals

We are back for our fourth and final term this year! We're very excited as we will be learning all about mythical and scientific heroes, statistics and writing to inquire. As well as that, we will be improving our animation skills using Kid Pix and Keynote. We have also been thinking about other ways in which we could improve. We all set one goal in an area we think we could strengthen. Watch the clip to find out our goals!


  1. Hi Room 10.
    Love your topic, -it's one of my favourites. Well done.
    I think your goals are really good and this topic should make it easy to achieve them. One of my favourite heroes is Maui tiki tiki a taranga because he caught the biggest fish ever!
    Good luck with your unit.

  2. Hi Room 10 Grey Lynn School,
    We hope that you can achieve all your goals. Some of our goals are the same. Did you think of your goals by yourselves or did your teacher help you? Have you achieved them yet?
    We think you will all achieve your goals because you are clever.

    From Room 10@Pt England School