Thursday, October 29, 2009

Calendar Scraffitos

These are the last scraffitos that Room 10 will be doing this year. We made these for the calendars that our parents can buy for next year. So parents, see if you can pick which one will be coming to your house sometime soon! As for Room 10, we're moving on and will be looking at construction this term, specifically the construction of robots. Look out for those later in Term 4!


  1. Hi Room 10,
    Your parents are so lucky to have such wonderful artists in their whanau. They are really beautiful creations. Keep up the great work I'm looking forward to seeing the robots.

    Mrs Nua

  2. hey, your blog is really good I like the way you put it!

    From Lovely

  3. Hi Room 10,
    Your blog is awesome. I like how colourful your scaffito artwork is. Keep up the good work.

    Loimata- rm.16

  4. Hi Room 10
    We loved your scraffito. There was alot of detail in them. Your parents are really going to love your calenders