Friday, November 20, 2009

EOTC at Grey Lynn Park

Continuing our EOTC experience, today we went to Grey Lynn Park to do a scavenger hunt. We had to count and name the sculptures there, count the number of rubbish bins and answer lots of other hard questions! We also had to find objects that went with different adjectives, like prickly, tall and heavy. Then we played Castle as a final activity. Phoenix took heaps of photos of us while we were doing all these cool things. Check out her awesome photography!


  1. Talofa Room 10. What a great idea to not only enjoy the outdoors but put your literacy skills to the test. As a child I spent time nearly every day (except for Sundays) at Grey Lynn Park. In the first 40 seconds of your movie I didn't recognise some parts. The sculptures there were not around when I was a child. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos and some ideas we can try out at our local park - Pt England Reserve and our walking track down to Tahuna Torea. Keep up the great posting Room 10.
    Mrs Tele'a