Thursday, November 19, 2009

Our Trip to MOTAT

On Wednesday, the Kauri Team went to MOTAT. MOTAT is short for Musuem Of Transport And Technology. We went there to learn more about electricity. We learned about electrons, conductors and insulators from a man called Frazer. We did an electricity trail around MOTAT and saw heaps of cool things like the Victorian Village, old forms of transport, the boiler room and lots more!
We also went to the Challenge Zone, where there were lots of fun activities to do like building a small bridge, the kaleidoscope room, looking in a mirror that made you look short and fat, and there was even a mirror where you could shake your own hand!
Another area was Sports Alive! There was a rowing race, a running track where you could test your own speed, there were places to shoot balls into hoops, there was a rugby ball you could kick into a net to see how fast your kick was, and a balancing machine that sees how long you can balance for.
We had a really fun time at MOTAT and we hope that we can go there again soon!

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  1. Hi Room 10, You people ae very lucky to live so close to MOTAT. Do you go there often? This was a cool movie and a very informative post. You must know an awful lot now!
    Mrs Burt