Friday, November 27, 2009

Robot Construction

Yesterday was robot making day! We spent all morning gluing, tying, nailing, taping and fitting together our recycled plastic and metal objects to make or robots. We had some fantastic parent helpers who made sure we were safe using the hot glue guns, sawed and drilled for us, and helped our robots to come to life!
Next we got to choose a colour to spray paint our robots, and we taped over any parts that we didn't want sprayed. Our lovely parents then spray painted them for us and we left them in the sun to dry.
Finally, we added the finishing touches, unwrapping any covered bits, adding extra decoration and fixing up any bits that had fallen off. We are very proud of our finished robots and think they look amazing.
Thanks to Toni, Donald, Julie and Peter for all their help!

Photos by Jennifer.


  1. Hi room 10!
    I like your R O B O T S.
    They look really really really cool!
    they looked completely different when they weren't sprayed.

    From Amy

  2. Room 10 you are FANTASTIC robot makers! I was very impressed with how your robots looked all lined up together! WOW!
    From Lisa (Amy's mum)

  3. Hi Room 10,

    They are cool robots you made Room 10! They look very creative and you worked hard.
    We especially liked the last red robot in your video!
    Did you name your robots? If you did name the robots what are they called?
    I wish we could make robots too!
    Cool music by the way!

    PS - We also noticed you have an Ethan in your class working together on the narrative writing!!!

  4. Hi Room 10, You have had a fantastic experience making these Robots. They look cool. It sounds like you have some very supportive parents too coming to help with the spray painting. I really like the photo at the beginning of all the robots together. Are you going to make a movie with them now?
    Mrs Burt

  5. That is really cool. In third grade we also built robots, but yours were way cooler. i also like how you use recycled items to make them. If you click here you will read more about me.